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Rebuilding Our Village


"Gentrification is an existential threat to our Tribe. It threatens to push us from our 10,000 year homeland."

Chairwoman Charlene Nijmeh is making the reconstruction of a Muwekma Ohlone Village a priority to protect her citizens from being driven from the Tribe's Bay Area homeland. 

This village will serve as the seat of our Nation's government.


Administrative Building

Our Tribe is in need of a permanent headquarters.  This will enable the administration of new Tribal programs and services.


Ceremonial Space 

Empowering our spiritual leaders with the space to share their knowledge and better serve our people will have long term impacts. 


Community Center / Athletic Complex

A Community and Athletic Center will be programed to serve the Tribe's members with wellness programs and community events. 


Library / Museum / Cultural Center

The Tribe will construct a cultural center that will have museum galleries and library spaces for use by members.


Charter School / Child Care Center

The Tribe will work with State and Federal partners to secure funding for a K-12 charter school and child care center.

A participatory design process 

What do you want to see?

Muwekma members will have a chance to participate in a collaborative design process, with the goal of building the best-designed place to live in the world.  We want your feedback and ideas. 

New Community Organizations 

Muwekma Ohlone Square

The Village will have a 'Main Street' or Town Square that will be the community's center of commerce.  It will be lined with shops owned and operated by Muwekma merchants.  If you would like to learn about leasing a storefront space for your business or joining the Muwekma Chamber of Commerce, please let us know about it at

Muwekma Ohlone Chamber of Commerce

The Development Plan

A community-first approach to village planning

Our objective is to reacquire 500 acres of our homelands from State and Federal agencies, and to move those lands into federal trust.  On that land, we'll construct a community that prioritizes quality of life in every facet of design.

High Quality Residential Housing 

"We are going to rebuild a small portion of what was taken from us, and we are going create permanent housing for our people." 

Every enrolled member of the Tribe will be able to register for zero-cost residential living. Chairwoman Nijmeh is asking all members to complete a registration application if they would like to participate in the program.  Philanthropic support will fund the construction of the village and commercial activities in the village will fund its maintenance and upkeep. The village will be designed to house the Tribe's 614 members, with expectations for growth and cultural vibrancy. 

Quality of Life Amenities

"Let's make life wonderful for all of our people.  Let's make every day one to savor with the great riches of life: beautiful parks, vibrant public spaces, comfortable homes, and the miraculous joy of living together and caring for each other as a Tribe." 

Chairwoman Nijmeh wants this village to provide an extraordinary quality of life for the Tribe through innovative design that puts livability first. Expect bike paths and hiking trails, walkable neighborhoods, and a village square that will bring us together on a daily basis. The Chairwoman wants to hear your ideas.  What amenities would make your life full?

Spaces for Tribal Government and Tribal Commerce 

"This isn't going to be a 1960s-style housing project.  It's going to be a vibrant mixed-use village and the capital of our Nation."

This village will be the seat of our Tribal government, where our administrative building will sit and where our Council will convene.  Community facilities like an athletic center, a tribal museum, a ceremonial roundhouse, and a charter school -- will be intertwined with commercial activities -- like shops, eateries, banks, and bookstores. Chairwoman Nijmeh wants to know what businesses you want to see in our village (all businesses must be Muwekma-owned). 

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